• AI for Extreme Productivity

    Get free access to a suite of AI tools curated by Bob Pozen and his team based on his work Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours.

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    Curated tools to help you work smarter


    AI Tools for Extreme Productivity is a companion to Bob's best-selling book, Extreme Productivity.

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    • Setting Goals / Priorities - Strategic tools to help you set and prioritize your goals for maximum impact.
    • Focus on Results and Final Product - AI-driven techniques to keep you focused on delivering high-quality results.
    • Don’t Sweat Small Stuff - Tools to help you identify and overcome minor obstacles, allowing you to focus on the big picture.
    • Your Daily Schedule - AI-powered scheduling solutions tailored to optimize your daily routine.
    • Traveling - Productivity tools for managing your tasks efficiently while on the move.
    • Meetings - Techniques to streamline meetings and make them more effective.
    • Reading - AI recommendations and strategies to enhance your reading habits.
    • Writing - Tools for improved writing productivity and clarity.
    • Presentations - AI-guided tips to create impactful and engaging presentations.
    • Managing Your Team - Leadership and collaboration tools for effective team management.
    • Managing Your Boss - Strategies to build a positive and productive relationship with your superiors.
    • Managing Your Career - AI tools for career planning and maximizing your career options over a lifetime.
    • Embrace Change - Techniques to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing professional landscape.
    • Work-Life Balance - Tools and resources to help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.


    In navigating the realm of AI tools, it's crucial to remember that while they can be invaluable assets, they're not the architects of your goals; that responsibility rests with you and your leadership team. Think of AI tools like large language models (LLM's): highly intelligent yet occasionally erratic companions. Acknowledging their fallibility is key; they're not infallible, mistake-free entities, but powerful aids whose limitations must be recognized and managed as you integrate them into your workflows.

  • On AI for Extreme Productivity:


    “The developments in AI are as groundbreaking as the advent of the internet itself, and the best companies will use AI to maximize productivity and transform the way they operate. We’ve already been able to rely on LLMs to reliably automate and improve various internal processes from candidate screening to data hygiene pipelines.”

    -SZNZ Solutions


    "Generative AI tools have exciting capabilities. They can quickly write a pitch deck, spin up an image, and create photorealistic videos on demand, just to name a few. But we can’t lose sight of the audience for this content. Just because you can create more content faster does not mean you’ll be more persuasive, engaging, or memorable to your audience."

    -Ben Shields, MIT Senior Lecturer

  • Productivity

    "When it come to extreme productivity, there only one name that stands out of the crowd: Bob Pozen.

    Pragmatic, Efficient, Result oriented. Every leader would benefit from learning from him."

    -Jean-Francois Remy, CEO, Pickit3D

    Better Results

    "Extreme Productivity helped me think about using AI in new ways to get better results with less time. Explanations provide tactics to consider; application examples demonstrate concrete ways to leverage the tools."

    -Jenn O'Brien, Consultant


    "AI for Productivity serves as an excellent tour guide of the brave new world of AI-powered tools, which may (with informed guidance from us users) allow computers to actually behave like the personal assistants we always dreamed they should be."

    -Daniel D. Johnson, PhD, CTO - Hyprlift, Inc.